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Additives to Oils

NortedaProductsLubricantsAdditives to Oils
NortedaProductsLubricantsAdditives to Oils

We provide chemical specialty products, specifically chemical additives, to our customers, blenders and finished lubes manufacturers, around the world who makes products that are useful in everyday life. Our additives help to improve a wide variety of materials, including finished lubricants, plastics, rubber, fuel additives, metal-working materials, water treatment, oilfield products and polymers for use in industrial applications.  

We concentrate on supplies and manufactures specialty additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors, finished lubricants and chemicals for the associated industries.

Lubricants additives

At contemporary level of engine-building development the oils utilization without additives is almost technically impossible. It is irrationally to produce oil that can supply effective engine protection and at the same time doesn’t collapse it during a long-term period. There through all the contemporary engine oils contain package of additives and this substance can reach 20%.

Today in engine oils are used several types of additives:

Viscous-thickened additives

Detergent additives

Dispersing additives

Antiwear additives

Antioxidant additives

Corrosion and rustiness inhibitor

Anti-foam additives

Friction modifier

Depressor additives