Norteda UAB

NORTEDA is one of the independent traders by volume of oil, chemicals and petroleum products

We helps make trade happen. We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed — reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

Whether you’re a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user we have the focus, commitment and necessary resources to get you closer to your goals.

We add value at every stage of the supply chain. We access hard-to-reach locations. We offer technical advice and consulting support. We build infrastructure and devise logistics to streamline and simplify transportation. We deliver on time, on-spec commodities wherever they are needed.

Every day we develop our trade routes and product categories. Every moment we improve logistics, introduce new counterparties and strengthen connections between suppliers and end-users. We invest in innovation to make business more efficient.

NORTEDA’s core business is physical trading and logistics; our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. Customers for oil and petroleum products. We have grown into a complex service provider with strategically located storage and blending assets, transportation and logistics network