NORTEDA is one of the independent traders by volume of oil, chemicals and petroleum products

The Company is working hard to develop its international trade in petroleum products, increasing the scale and geographical diversification of this business.

NORTRDA offer Petroleum products like Gasoline (petrol), Gasoil, Naphtha, Kerosene, Jet aircraft fuels, Diesel fuel, Fuel oils, Biodiesel and Paraffin wax.

Petroleum products are materials derived from crude oil (petroleum) as it is processed in oil refineries. Unlike petrochemicals, which are a collection of well-defined usually pure chemical compounds, petroleum products are complex mixtures. The majority of petroleum is converted to petroleum products, which includes several classes of fuels.

Lubricant products like Base oils, Industrial Oils and Oil Additives.

Lubricant products are available from an extensive network of trusted lubricant manufacturers, with a huge range of applications, including base oils, passenger car motor oils, heavy duty motor oils, automatic transmission fluids and industrial lubricants, as well as agriculture, detergents / dispersants, greases, metal working, hydraulic fluids and oils.

Bitumen products and Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

We supply all products according Spot contracts (monthly amount) made on a competitive basis or Long-term contracts