Base oils, petrochemical products, specialty chemicals, including temperature sensitive and hazardous cargos, as well as other types of liquid cargos can be delivered door-to-door with the appropriate combination of transportation and the right packaging solution fit for purpose, these include: traditional barrels (drums) all the way to ISO-tank containers, flexi tanks and IBCs, all dependent on cargo volume and the customer’s specific requirements.

NORTEDA are capable to organize ’intermodal’ transportation of liquid cargo. One of the benefit, which we give to our customers, are multiple modes of transport i.e.: rail, ship and truck. Due to the reduced cargo handling we make the whole process of transportation and reduces losses or damages of cargoes.

NORTEDA operate in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria, which easily accessed by barges, rail tank cars, and trucks. This prime locations means we are perfectly located to provide fast connection between the origin of the product and destinations preferred by our customers.

We can also assist you with any liquid cargo storage in Europe, especially in the Baltics, NWE and the Mediterranean.